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October 22, 2018

Power unit №1 of CHP CCGT “GSR Energo” has been operating since July 2014. The modern and high-tech station provides electricity and heat to the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg.

In 2014, the construction of the CCGT CHPP became a unique event for both the district and the city. And as before, the GSR Energo project is the largest in terms of private investment in the energy sector in St. Petersburg.

The key characteristic of GSR Energo CCGT CHPP is high efficiency (which is confirmed by the ratings of the NP Market Council Association based on the results of 2016 and the 1st quarter of 2017).

The increase in the efficiency of the CHPP is ongoing.

In February 2018, key station managers took part in a training on the implementation of Kaizen and Lean manufacturing tools from an expert from the Kaizen Institute.

And in April 2018, as part of a partnership program with the Finnish energy company Fortum, a series of field seminars and internships for operation and maintenance and repair were held at power plants in the cities of Hamm (Germany), Espoo (Finland), Chelyabinsk (Russia).

The main purposes of the business trips were

get acquainted with the features of corporate governance and work with personnel, training and recertification
evaluate the experience of using the automation system in production and the functioning of the latest IT products
study the features of financial planning and interaction with contractors
consider how operational activities are planned, how personnel actions are distributed in emergency situations
All participants of the past meetings noted the goodwill and openness of the meeting parties. Working visits were held as friendly meetings, in fact, colleagues communicated in different languages, but spoke the same.

“We got acquainted with the experience of Fortum in Finland and Russia. We received comprehensive information about the principles and models of power plant management,” says Victor Strokin, Technical Director of GSR CHPP JSC

Alexander Kuznetsov, Director of the CHPP JSC “GSR CHPP”: “During the visits, we were able to see the actual experience in many processes: system modernization, full automation and control of all processes from the central switchboard, training of maintenance personnel to work on modern equipment, a simplified contracting system with contractors, work with regular suppliers»

The head of the operation shift, Anton Tetyukhin, “For myself, I saw the main goal of the internship to study the possibility of using Fortum production practices in our country, based on increasing the efficiency of resource use and the introduction of IT products. Not only the goals came true, but also the correct choice of our way of developing IT systems.”

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