About activity

GSR Vodokanal JSC, as part of GSR Energy Management Company JSC, operates in the area of water supply and water disposal services for the subscribers located at the industrial site of Kolpino District.

Central effluent facilities (CEF) of GSR Vodokanal JSC located at: Saint-Petersburg, Kolpino, Izhora left riverside, 75 and have been modernised in 2021-2023.

Main characteristics

The design capacity of the Central effluent facilities

thsd / m3
per day
thsd / m3
per day in rainy weather

Water supply system

Water supply system provides the consumers water supply with potable quality water and service quality water.

 The potable quality water comes from potable water supply network of Vodokanal SPb State Unitary Enterprise. The service water comes from 2 sources:

  • service Neva non-filtered water comes from pumping station of the 1st rise of Vodokanal SPb State Unitary Enterprise;
  • service sewage effluent comes from the central effluent facilities (CEF) of GSR Vodokanal JSC.

The water disposal system provides the water disposal of industrial, foul water and run-off from the consumers and the territory of the industrial site of Kolpino District and CEF territory. Run-offs are transmitted to the centralized system of municipal sewage of Vodokanal SPb State Unitary Enterprise, and the part of run-offs is supplied to CEF for the treatment and service water supply from CEF.

Principal structural diagram

Stages of modernization


4 ultraviolet wastewater treatment units have been installed;


Pumping equipment was upgraded to CNC-controlled asynchronous pumps, this led to reducing the electric energy consumption by more than 2 times;


Was created a hardware-software complex of the automated control system of pumping stations with the possibility to control all pumping stations from one dispatching center located in GSR Vodokanal JSC administration building.


– Construction of the precipitate dewatering station;
– Reconstruction of 8 sand traps – 2021–2022;
– Reconstruction of 4 radial sumps – 2021–2023;
– Reconstruction of wet precipitate station – 2019–2020;
– Reconstruction of the CEF cold service water supply networks – 2019–2021.