A contract for the supply of turbines was signed between GE Energy Corporation and GSR Energo Group of Companies

November 2, 2010

GE Energy Corporation and GSR Energo Group of Companies entered into a contract for the supply of a 77 MW model PG6111FA gas turbine complete with a corresponding generator. The equipment will be installed at Unit 1 of the CHPP GSR Energo, which is being built in the Kolpino district of St. Petersburg. Delivery of the GE turbine is expected in November 2011. The commissioning of the power unit of the CHPP CCGT (Combined Heat and Power Plants with Combined Cycle Plant) is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

This contract was concluded under a loan agreement signed on October 08, 2010 in Moscow by representatives of the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) and GSR Energo Group of Companies.

The gas turbine is the main component of the combined cycle power unit of the new CCGT CHPP. The joint operation of gas and steam cogeneration turbines allows increasing the fuel utilization factor up to 90%, while the efficiency of the station with the GE turbine will be 54%. The gas turbine also improves the environmental performance of the CHP. Emissions of nitrogen oxides at such power plants are reduced by 2–3 times compared to traditional steam power units. Turbines manufactured by GE have the best technical and economic indicators compared to domestic counterparts and are characterized by greater reliability.

“It is very important for us to conclude a contract for the supply of a turbine with GE, the world leader in the field of electrical equipment. This is the key to the timely construction and successful operation of the CHPP, as well as an important factor in increasing the industrial potential of the machine-building site in the Kolpinsky district,” emphasized Victor Kotov, General Director of GSR Energo.

The need to build a new thermal power plant in the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg is dictated by the lack of generating capacity in the area. The commissioning of the 1st unit of the CHPP will be the first step to ensure the necessary conditions for the development of the Kolpinsky industrial site, the largest machine-building site in the North-West.

The current capacity of the Kolpino CHPP is an old-style turbine with a capacity of 32 MW and thermal generation of 900 Gcal per hour at a connecting load. Additional electric capacity of the new CHPP will be 110 MW, thermal capacity – 68 Gcal per hour.

The CCGT CHPP construction project is included in the master plan for the development of St. Petersburg. The scope of the project makes it possible to classify GSR Energo as a strategic investor in St. Petersburg, which will certainly provide additional benefits in the construction and operation of the station.

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