Construction progress as of August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012

Information about the events that took place at the construction site of the CHP CCGT “GSR Energo” in the period from 03.08.2012. to 09.08.2012:

  1. The installation of SVEM supports has been completed.
  2. The first stage of installation of SVEM electrical wires across the railway has been completed.
  3. Started installation of KVOU GTU.
  4. We proceeded with the installation of auxiliary equipment in the GTU department.
  5. Auxiliary equipment of the HPC department was installed: HP continuous purge expander, intermittent purge expander.
  6. Auxiliary equipment of the PTU department was installed: installation and alignment of the rotor in the stator of the PTU generator, installation of PTU oil coolers.
  7. The concreting of the walls of the circulator pump room has been completed.
  8. We started installation of the 04kV switchgear cable rack from the circulating pump to the main building.

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