Construction progress as of May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

Information about the events that took place at the construction site of the CHP CCGT “GSR Energo” in the period from 26.04.2013 to 14.05.2013:

  1. Steam piping completed. Preparations are underway for purging and hydraulic testing.
  2. The gas pipeline was tested and purged from the underground tie-in into the existing network at support 82 to the BCP. The act of the State Commission was signed.
  3. The installation of the gas pipeline from the BCS to the duplex filters has begun.
  4. The metal structures of the cable route from the GC to the switchgear of 0.4 kV cooling towers were mounted.
  5. The foundations of the cable trestle from the switchgear switchgear 0.4 kV of the cooling towers to the cooling tower were completed.
  6. The foundations for the noise-insulating partitions of the OUT have been completed.
  7. GTU oil system flushing started.
  8. Improvement of the territory and the construction of the road surface in the 110kV switchgear area have begun. – Pumping station for household and fire water supply – PPG.
  9. Completed installation of PNS equipment.
  10. The equipment of pumps for normal and emergency addition was installed.
  11. The piping of the desalinated water tanks has been completed. A hydraulic test is underway.
  12. A temporary diagram of the nozzles for acid washing of the CU was mounted.
  13. Acid flushing of the oil pipelines of the PTU is being carried out.
  14. Commissioning and commissioning of reverse osmosis systems are being carried out. Received demineralized water.

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