Organization of operation and maintenance of CHP

March 2, 2016

As part of the ongoing joint project “Organization of operation and maintenance of the CHPP GSR Energo” in Espoo, Finland, a meeting was held between the specialists of the project team of the GSR Energo group of companies and the energy company Fortum. During the meeting, the participants were able to visit and get acquainted with the work of the Suomenoja CHP, discuss the results and next steps for the implementation of high-tech software products such as the TOPi® application line (which is a registered trademark of Fortum) at the CHP of GSR Energo CCGT.

The introduction of this technology will ensure high fuel efficiency, efficient use of natural gas and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

This project is unique for the Russian energy industry and the experience of Finnish colleagues in its implementation is extremely important and useful.

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