Labor safety

GSR Energy carries out purposeful work in the area of industrial safety and health care of the personnel. The Company strives to ensure labor safety at a high level in compliance with the requirements of legislation and regulations of the Russian Federation and it has compulsory licenses for carrying out of the activity in the process of operation of explosive and flammable industrial facilities.

In the GSR Energy Company there are worked out programs on industrial safety which provide supporting of each working place with personal protective equipment as well as regulation of working conditions in accordance to indexes of working process severity, measurement of illumination intensity, micro-climate and noise.

In order to prevent emergencies, accidents and occupational diseases the compulsory assessment of working places is carried out and “Program of Industrial Control over Observation of Industrial and Sanitary Norms and Regulations” is annually accomplished in the company. In the company there are worked out standards, regulating conduct of essential actions on control over observance of all norms and regulations of labor safety.

At the present moment the priority for the company’s management is the need to raise personnel’s awareness in the area of labor safety by implementing the culture of responsibility and involvement into solution of safety and health protection issues.