Ecology safety

Environmental activity is one of the major priorities for the company’s management. Work on abatement of air contaminants emission, reduction of harmful substances discharges into water bodies, reduction of formation and safe handling of production residuals, rational use of natural resources are one of the major tasks of the company.

The Company organizes its environmental activity and securing of environmental safety based on the current environmental legislation and requirements of regulatory documents and it constantly improves the system of environmental protection.

The basic principles of environmental policy in the company are:

·        energy saving and rational use of natural and energy resources at stages of manufacturing, transfer, distribution and consumption of electricity and heat;

·        priority of the most advanced current technologies implementation in comparison with actions on minimization of environmental damage from work of the operation equipment (with due consideration of feasibility study);

·        reduction of industrial wastes generation and environmentally safe handling with them;

·        taking preventive measures for liquidation of environmentally negative effects;

·        openness and availability of environmental information, instant informing of all interested parties on the occurred emergencies, their environmental consequences and measures on their liquidation;

·        openness and availability of the results of enterprises’ environmental monitoring, interaction with all interested parties in the course of investigations, held as a part of the evaluation procedure of  enterprises’ impact on the environment.

In compliance with the environmental legislation the company carries out environmental monitoring in order to control the environmental condition and observation of environmental norms. It makes measurements of air pollution with harmful substances at stationary sources and on the border of the sanitary protection zone. It conducts control over harmful substances discharges into natural water bodies and sewage system. It carries out control and monitoring of purification efficiency from polluting substances of the company’s treatment plants.

It carries out work on collection, removal, utilization, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes.

It organizes training for company executives and specialists on environmental protection and safety as well as safe handling with hazardous wastes.