Project \"Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC GSR СHP\"

Project "Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC GSR СHP"

Currently the company is implementing an investment project "Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC GSR TPP" within the framework of the Updated Heat Supply Scheme of Saint-Petersburg approved by the Ministry of Energy (Minenergo) of the Russian Federation.

The generating capacities of JSC GSR TPP are:

·       the main heat supply source for the residential districts of Kolpino and industrial enterprises and the district as a whole.

·           the process steam supplier to the enterprises located on Kolpino industrial site. PJSC Severstal, LLC OMZ-Spetsstal, PJSC Izhorskiye Zavody and a number of others are among the largest ones.

·           the power generator supplied to the guaranteeing supplier, industrial enterprises and to the wholesale market.

The existing heat and power generating equipment BTEZ-2 of JSC GSR TPP was commissioned in the years 51-80 of the last century, obsoleted morally and physically and does not meet the modern economic and safety requirements. The project "Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC GSR TPP" is aimed to increase the heat supply system efficiency for the JSC GSR TPP consumers through abandoning the excess, obsolete capacities and using modernized and new process equipment.

Decommissioning of the old generating capacities – in 2017, a central boiler station – in 2019, BTPP-2 composed of 4 steam boilers and a 20 MW generator – in 2022, a water boiler house No. 1 will significantly reduce the operational costs for personnel maintenance and equipment repairs, as well as energy costs.

After the Project completion it is planned to use the water heating boiler house No. 2 modernized within the Project framework and SGU TPP Unit 1 commissioned in 2014 for the consumers heat supply.

The key project effect is to reach the significant performance and efficiency of the GSR Energo heat generation, including due to the introduction of the best power facilities management practices in accordance with the TOPGen® Fortum standards


Project "Construction of an automated unit-modular steam boiler house"

In 2019 it is planned to build a modern, high-tech and efficient automated steam boiler house. The boiler house will be operated in a fully automatic mode with the ability to operate the equipment without permanent presence of staff.

Construction of the automated steam boiler house will allow the company to continue the steam supply of the key enterprises of the Kolpino industrial site, such as PJSC Severstal, LLC OMZ-Spetsstal, PJSC Izhorskiye Zavody and others.

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