Fire and tactical exercises

On May 15, 2017, the joint fire and tactical exercises with involvement of the forces and means of the 48th Fire and Rescue unit of SPb GKU "Fire and Rescue Squad of Fire Service of St. Petersburg in the Kolpino district" were conducted on the site of the TPP PGU GSR Energo JSC GSR TPP.

The following questions were worked out at the exercises:
- Knowledge of the duties and the facility personnel actions in the event of a fire;
- Work consistency of the combat crew and interaction with the facility personnel in the fire extinguishing;
- Operable condition of the fire-fighting water supply of the facility;
- Organization of the personnel evacuation in case of danger or fire.
Number of manpower and facility personnel involved: 40 persons and 4 machinery units (3 units of 48th Fire and Rescue unit, 1 unit of JSC GSR TPP).


The goals and objectives were achieved. The overall evaluation is good.

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