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GSR Energy is interested in development of the team of professionals, aimed at high result. Personnel policy of GSR Energy is directed to development and training of the personnel.

The main areas of the personnel policy are directed to:

• recruitment of highly professional personnel; 

• development of personnel’s training and motivation systems;

• improvement of human resources management processes;

• development of urgent corporate social programs; 

• ensuring of comfortable labor conditions in the collective.

One of the most significant areas of work on development of human capacity is arrangement of personnel’s recruitment and appointment.

The personnel recruitment is carried out on the principle of conformity of the candidate’s competency and education with the requirements, determined in the position’s profile as well as with due consideration of the candidates’ personal qualities.

The adaptation program and counseling system is developed for the newly employed ones. The adaptation program helps to integrate the labor collective very quickly, to get acquainted with the structure and major tasks of subdivisions, with values and traditions of the Company. 

We would invite you to take part in the competition for substitution of the following vacancies in the company:



If you are highly professional, ambitious, responsible, strive for development, are able to work in team and share corporate values of GSR Energy Company then we would like to invite you to join our team.

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To take part in the competition for the job vacancy you got interested in, fill in the form and forward it at the specified address.


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