GSR Energy is an industrial company which main means of production is complicated and high-technology energetic equipment. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the fact that the Company has professional specialists on blue-color jobs. This factor is not just a key criterion of GSR Energy’s efficiency but the controlling factor for a high level of industrial safety maintaining.

Trained professionals and executives are the key factor, ensuring competitive advantage of the Company. GSR Energy considers training of this category of the personnel as the most important tool of the Company’s development.

Training programs cover all significant areas of the management activity and they are aimed to teach the personnel the system approach to working tasks solving, to provide them with knowledge and skills, essential for the everyday working activity.

GSR Energy pays special attention to training of blue-color specialists. Special training programs for blue-color jobs are worked out in the Company. Both novices who just begin their labor activity and experienced workers who need to maintain their occupational skills and master innovative technologies take part in them.

Training and professional development of blue-color jobs takes place on the basis of production and training centers under the supervision of experienced teachers; the employees undertake not just theoretical training but acquire practical skills as well.

The management supports development of the system of continuity and counseling in the Company, experienced workers pass their occupational knowledge and skills to young professionals and at the same time they master innovative technologies which are essential for daily activity in a modern company.