Social Policy

GSR Energy is an enterprise, directed at social-oriented business conduct. Social responsibility as the principle of corporate governance plays a key role at all stages of management decisions preparation and making.

GSR Energy endows all social guarantees, provided by the current Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In full accordance with the legislation the company pays all payroll taxes to relevant funds.

The company’s activity in the area of corporate social responsibility is of system character and directed at the result – improvement of the living standard of the Company’s personnel. The main areas of the social policy are directed to:

·       health protection of the personnel, disease prevention and delivery of health care to the personnel within the framework of compulsory health insurance and accident insurance;

·       rendering of material support to the personnel and members of their families in difficult real-life situations, stipulated by the Provision;

·       partial payment of vouchers for the personnel and members of their families to sanatoriums, recreation centers, preventative clinics, rest houses and children’s holiday camps;

·       incentive related to anniversaries and professional holidays;

·       preservation of cultural heritage and traditions of power engineers;

·       promotion of physical activity and sport in the Company’s work collective;

·       material support of the Company’s veterans.