Formation of the Management Potential

One of strategic targets of GSR Energy is development of sufficient management potential.

The Company plans to fill at least 80% of vacancies of medium and top management by means of own human resources. For this purpose GSR Energy is implementing a long-term program for the personnel reserve development and training.

The program for training of successors for the most critical for business management positions has been developed and is in operation in the Company. An individual development and career plans are worked out for each participant of the program as well as a supervisor from among the top managers of GSR Energy is appointed. Besides work with supervisors, creation of the reserve of future managers of the Company involves individual development.

The personnel reserve program is also in operation in GSR Energy. The personnel reserve of the Company is formed from among the employees having shown the best work results over the accounting period. Annual evaluation gives a chance to evaluate efficiency and competence of the staff effectively. Within the framework of this method the Company’s employees accomplish some special tasks, pass assessment interviews and get some recommendations for future development.