Compensation Policy

GSR Energy gives much importance to financial encouragement of the personnel as the intensification factor of internal motivation and interest in enhancement of labor efficiency. Such approach allows the Company as to ensure favorable environment inside the working team as to attract the most highly-qualified personnel at the labor market.

In the issues of labor compensation GSR Energy strives to follow the principle of maximum transparency and objectivity. The personnel’s labor compensation consists of the fixed salary, monthly or quarterly bonus (depends on the employee subgroup), depending on the company’s (subdivision’s) operating results and individual operating results of the employee as well as fringe benefits guaranteed by the legislation. Such system gives an opportunity to minimize subjectivity in labor compensation and it forms a precise understanding of dependence of the level of the labor compensation on operating efficiency by our employees.

Besides compensation, financial encouragement of the Company’s employees includes the package of measures of social protection and guarantees, being an important factor of comfortable labor activity.