Personnel policy

For GSR Energy the competent personnel are the main element of effective work of all organization and the major competitive advantage. Personnel determine possibilities of developing the company’s potential.

GSR Energy’s personnel policy is based on following principles:

Transparence principle:

·        Personnel decisions in GSR Energy accept by specialists and different level managers;

·        Candidate selection for key positions in GSR Energy carrying out by the competition;

·        GSR Energy tend to establish long employment relationship with personnel, appreciate skilled personnel;

·        GSR Energy follows labor legislation norms.

Development principle:

·        GSR Energy personnel get ample opportunities for education and individual professional growth;

·        The list of requirements to candidate includes characteristics like responsibility, initiative, activity, result occupancy and self-perfection interest;

·        GSR Energy gives to personnel development possibilities, career growth, studding and training.

·        The GSR Energy personnel department actively assists “Vacancy fairs”, realizes programs for young specialists, trainees and students.

Loyalty principle:

·        GSR Energy respects personnel;

·        The adaptation policy stipulates most comfortable conditions for the employee during the assumption;

·        GSR Energy guarantee the social pack to personnel.