Close corporation “GSR TETS”

Certificated by Saint-Petersburg’s Inter-district Inspection of the Federal Tax Service on the 25-th of December, 2007.

Main State registration number: 1079847150954

Individual number of taxpayer: 7817312063

Registration reason code: 78345001

The main line of business is heat and electricity generation and supplying.

The heat electropower station was set in operation in 1952. Station produces heat and electric power and supplies it for outer users and for itself needs. The preparation of feeding water for boilers, heat networks and hot-water supply systems is carrying out.

The main fuel type is natural gas. The standby fuel is mazut M-100.

The heat electropower station fitted out with for steam boilers (two steam boilers “Babcok & Wilcox”, one steam boiler “ТП-150” and one steam boiler “ТП-38”) and with ten water-heating boilers (six water-heating boilers “ПТВМ-50” and four water-heating boilers “КВГМ-100”). Babcok & Wilcox steam boiler was manufactured in 1943, fitted and commissioned in 1951. There is a steam turbine “АП-25-2” with 21 MW actual powers and the generator “ТВ-25-2” installed in the station.

Heat consumers are: industrial enterprises of Kolpino and Close corporation “Lenteplosnab”, which provide heat supply for citizens of Kolpino.

Currently the production of the heat electropower station of Close corporation “GSR TETS” sells in the following way:

·        Hot water for discharge heating, ventilation and hot-water supply loads;

·        The process steam (8 – 13 (kg*s)/sm² and 240°C).

Annually specific energy resources consumption rates of the heat electropower station production are working out. Stated rates working out due to statistic indicators and planned for the period, they determined for.

In a central boiler house additional distribution of heat and hot water is provided. The heating of the heating-system water, which is pumping over by pumps, is carried out by the steam heat, which is served from station collectors. All boilers pass through inside inspection opportunely.

For the heat electropower station heat producing the service and drinking water is used.

Total system load (connected to boiler house) was:

·        2006 – 597,861 Gcal/hr

·        2007 – 670,214 Gcal/hr

·        2008 - 670,214 Gcal/hr