Steam supply

The main type of activity of KTK LLC is steam production and supply to the consumers of Izhorskie Zavody Industrial Zone (Saint Petersburg). KTK LLC that realizes this area is a beneficial owner of steam heat supply system from the source – newly constructed steam boiler – to the inlets of subscribers with following parameters:
  • Steam with the temperature of 250 degrees Centigrade and pressure of 12 bar.
  • The set output of generating equipment: 29.2 Gcal/h.
  • The length of steam pipelines from the source to the inlets of subscribes is 12 km.
  • The steam pipeline thread quantity is 2 pcs, namely threads No. 1 and No. 4.
  • The main generating equipment of the boiler station are three Termotekhnik steam boilers of TT200 type with the unit steam output of 16.0 t/h, which are equipped with economizers and superheaters.
  • Main Consumers (Subscribers):
    • OMZ-SpetsStal LLC;
    • Severstal PJSC;
    • Izhora Welding Consumables LLC;
foundry works: IZ-KARTEX named after P.G. Korobkov Ltd.;

Historical data:
Before October 2020, for more than 70 years, the centralized steam supply of industrial consumers had been performing from steam generating sources of GSR TETs JSC Block-Type TPP No. 2. 

The Block-Type TPP No. 2 generating equipment was put into operation in 50s of the past century. The Block-Type TPP No. 2 steam boilers achieved 400,000 hours of work, and thus the general condition of the Block-Type TPP No. 2 equipment might be characterized as severely worn out.
In accordance with the Saint Petersburg Heat Supply Diagram for the Period by 2033 (Updating for 2019) approved by the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2018 No. 622, from December 31, 2019 GSR TETs JSC has withdrawn heat and electric energy generating equipment of the Block-Type TPP No. 2. 
In accordance with the approved Saint Petersburg Diagram, in 2020, KTK LLC put into operation the automatized block-modular steam boiler station in order to provide the consumers of the Saint Petersburg Kolpino District Izhorskie Zavody Industrial Zone with steam.
KTK LLC is an owner of steam supply heating networks within the territory of the Saint Petersburg Kolpino District Izhorskie Zavody Industrial Zone.

The boiler equipment of Entroros company were supplied by the manufacturer, namely Energoform LLC.
In October 2020, the Statement on the Acceptance of the Facility Finished Construction were signed by the acceptance committee, and the block-modular steam boiler station was put into operation. 
The project investment volume was about 300 million roubles.

One of the project peculiarities was that it was necessary to adjust the steam boiler station automatized operation modes for dramatically changing steam loads for metallurgy at steel melting, when the repeated simultaneous rise of the load should be compensated with well co-ordinated work of the boiler station equipment. New boiler station completely operates in automatic mode without the permanent presence of any employees, even for the period of dramatical load changes. The boiler station operation control (change of settings) is implemented from the automatized workplace.