Electrical and Thermal Energy Supply

The main type of activity for this area is thermal and electrical energy production and selling to consumers. Consumers (Subscribers) are the enterprises of the Izhorskie Zavody Industrial Zone and the State Unitary Enterprise “Fuel and Energy Complex of Saint Petersburg”, which provide with energy the housing and communal services facilities of Kolpino inhabitants.

  • The set output of generating equipment: for electrical energy is 110 MW; for thermal energy is 555 MW (477.7 Gcal/h). Heating networks – more than 100 km (as a single pipe) with the capacity of more than 12,000 m3.
  • Operating schedule of the enterprise – twenty-four-hour in two 12-hour shifts. The average staff number in GSR TETs JSC – 184 employees.
  • GSR TETs JSC structural units consist of the following: 
    • new GSR Energy CCGT-TPP (2014); 
    • upgraded VK-2 water boiler station (2020); 
    • heating networks;
    • administrative and management units.

During the period of 2011–2014, the energy generating equipment operation and maintenance management project was realized together with Fortum company in accordance with Fortum TOPGen® standards.


The profound modernization of one of the largest boilers of Saint Petersburg in Kolpino (465 MW) in 2018–2020 was realized without thermal energy supply disconnection with the high level of heat supply in the houses of Kolpino inhabitants and workshops of industrial enterprises.

To equip new station, the most advanced equipment was purchased:

  • PG6111FA gas turbine manufactured by General Electric, it s emblematic that the gas turbine serial number ends with 078 (Saint Petersburg code);

  • two-pressure waste-heat boiler manufactured by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk OJSC; 
  • steam turbine with regulated heat extraction of T-25/33-7,6/0,12 type manufactured by Kaluga Turbine Works OJSC.

Today, steam and gas cycle technology is the most effective one and, moreover, the most ecologically clear and safe.

In 2020, the modernization of the water boiler station was conducted. 

The purpose of the Water Boiler Station No. 2 (VK-2) modernization is to reduce operational costs and enhance the heat generating equipment operation efficiency. The following main tasks are resolved: 

  • On the basis of the Water Boiler Station, a heating power distribution center was created. In connection with the above, the following technical re-equipment actions were performed:
    • Related to makeup plant;
    • Related to network installation;
    • The electric power supply system modernization was performed;
    • Modern automation and management systems were implemented.
  • The VK-2 boiler station operation in summer time was provided in circulation mode that allows to prevent the source disconnection for the boiler equipment repair work.
  • It is excluded to use steam for heat supply as hot water.
  • Assemblies for the automatic regulation of the heating network parameters at city and industrial site outlets were installed.
  • Actions to improve the hydraulic mode of consumer heat supply were performed.
  • In the boiler, modern equipment and new software to manage operation modes were installed. It will further allow to ensure the reliable and qualitative heat supply of industrial enterprises and inhabitants of Kolpino.
Implemented actions allowed to remove restrictions on the water boiler station heating power production, which were related to the hydraulic mode.